Partner 6: NBT
Team Leader: Dr. Manuel Rey
Team Members:

  • Bioinformatic team: Dr. Francisco J. Gonzalez, molecular microbiologist and senior bioinformatic expert
  • Molecular biology team: Ms. Marta Andrada will develop molecular and functional genomic tasks (2.1., 2.2., 2.3., 3.1.).

NBT is a SME biotech company mainly focused on both agro-food and Molecular Diagnosis sectors. The company was founded in January, 1999, and has been concentrating its resources in R&D and in the setting up of a commercial structure for gene technology and biocontrol products. The company's capital is 1.101.000 millions € and its budget has grown from 400.000 Euro in 2000 to 2.000.000 Euro in year 2003. Roughly, a 60% of these resources are applied to R&D activities. A 20% of these costs are provided by external funding as a consequence of NBT's participation in the FAIR programme (1994-1998) (project FAIR 4140; ending 2001), in The “Cell factory” key action (MIFRIEND project No. QLRT-2000-00170; ending 2003), in the “Cell Factory” key action (TRICHOEST project No. QLK3-2001-02-032; ending 2005) and in some other Spanish programmes supporting R&D.

Parallel efforts in early protection of results are being carried out and the resources applied account for a significant amount of the total year-2000 expenses. As a result more than a dozen of patent applications have been filed in the last 20 months, including Spanish and international patent applications covering the uses of specific cell wall degrading enzymes (CWDEs), genes from Trichoderma strains and different molecules as tags for trazability procedures.

One of our main initiatives is the search and commercial development of biotech applications and biological products to give consumer - and environment - safe alternatives to agrochemicals. R+D Department includes sequencing, genotyping and bioinformatic facilities, molecular biology lab, fermentation equipment for protein production and access to green house and field trials. The company has developed a network of research teams through long-term research agreements with different Spanish and European research institutions. This situation allows NBT to use a wide range of expertise, techniques and facilities in molecular biology, molecular diagnosis and agro-food science.

Contact: Manuel Rey

Ubigenes :: Genetics of coenzyme Q deficiency in humans